Top 7 digital marketing trends in 2020: you must know..

It doesn’t matter what your industry is, or what products and services you offer-you can’t ignore top 7 digital marketing trends in 2020! you must know because, businesses needed little more than a Facebook page and a website, but now the digital landscape is evolving so fast that it’s hard to keep up.

There aren’t too many successful companies that don’t have an online presence by now. In 2020, new technologies and techniques will come to the fore and force marketers to adapt to keep their companies at the top. After all, if your company wants to remain competitive in today’s online world, you need to adapt to the rapidly changing trends in digital marketing. Make no mistake: we are living in a time where marketing technology is moving quickly and customer preferences and habits are hard to foresee.

List of top 7 digital marketing trends in 2020


If you haven’t already realized it, 2020 is the year many people wake up to Artificial Intelligence ( AI) domination. In the future it will surely be at the heart of global business and industry – and it is already taking on several simple jobs. AI can analyze buyer behavior and search patterns and use various social media platforms and blog posts to help businesses understand how their products and services are found by customers.

Artificial intelligence will soon be the driving force behind many services, and in areas such as:

  • Key point interaction
  • Recommended product
  • Content development
  • Customized email
  • Shops on e-commerce


By 2020, chatbots will continue to be a major part of digital marketing. This AI-based technology uses instant messaging to communicate with your site customers or visitors, in real-time, day or night. Researches show:

  • chatbots will have 85% of customer support by 2020.
  • The top advantages of Chatbots are that it gives 24-hour service (64 %), instant responses to inquiries (55 %), and responses to basic questions (55 %).
  • 63 % of respondents prefer to interact with a company or brand through an online chatbot.
  • By 2022, the chatbots will help companies save more than $8 billion a year.


Video marketing is one of today’s most important digital marketing trends in 2020 and probably for the next 5-10 years. These numbers highlight the value of integrating video into the digital marketing strategy:

  • 70 %t of customers say they posted a video of a brand.
  • 72 % of companies say their conversion rate has increased.
  • 52% of customers state that viewing product videos makes them more secure in buying decisions online.
  • After watching the video, 65 % of executives visit the marketer website, and 39 % call a vendor.

One of the best things about video marketing is that it makes reformatting of your content quickly. Imagine uploading a video on your YouTube channel. Instead of publishing, you may also:

Has it transcribed so that you have the video in text format?

Publish the transcription under an embedded YouTube video on your blog for better rankings. Upload the raw video in Facebook using the transcription as subtitles (native Facebook videos have a much greater sense of sharing and interaction than posted YouTube videos)
Transform the transcription into a standalone blog post with a quick rewrite and the related statistics and images. Take the audio alone and use it as a category on the podcast. Using video thumbnails to promote your email campaigns


Email remains a major communications platform, with billions still using it for personal, financial, industrial, legal, science, and academic purposes. To put it another way, email is here to stay, and email marketing itself continues to exist.

But email marketing is changing, and generic emails in marketing aren’t as successful as they once were. Now it’s a combination of automation and, more importantly, customization that makes email marketing essential for 2020. This can be very effective when you can activate your email marketing to something unique, like a user searching a particular product, and then follow up with a discount price or demo video in a personalized email.


Influence marketing is a form of word-of-mouth marketing that focuses on using key leaders to extend the brand message to a wider market. Influencers can be well-known celebrities but more often than not they are Instagram or YouTube personalities with a large audience niche who can help spread the word about your company or product across their social media. Since influencer marketing is more authentic than commercial ads generally: 63 % Of customers value the opinion of product influencers even more than what the brands think about themselves. In the past six months, 58 % of people have purchased a new product because of the influencer’s recommendation.


It maintains the integral need of digital marketing, though the content is increasingly focused on context. Quality will still matter, but now the background and targeting are more emphasized. Google is creating a deeper, more nuanced understanding of online content, so marketers need to consider their target market carefully.

Content Marketing goes nowhere. 

That said, Google is becoming smarter, and preferring in-depth, reliable, current content that is closely aligned with user intent. This is something marketers need to keep in mind when they develop new content in 2020.


First, Snapchat came out with the “My Story” idea, then added Instagram and Facebook stories, and then YouTube launched its own story format: Reels. The benefits of publishing stories on social media include: 

  • Increased Brand Awareness.
  • Constant engagement with followers. 
  • Cost-effectiveness.  
  • Traffic to your web page increased.
  • Chance to meet the younger audience.

Be inspired by some of these ways of using stories on social media: 

  • Using Instagram Stories Polls.
  • Connect links to your stories on social media.
  • Take advantage of Refilters Snapchat. 
  • Add localization tags. 
  • Add mentions for your fans and other brands.
  • Try making Stories in live video. 
  • Invite followers to discuss more explicitly with a call-to – action.

So, in the digital marketing world, as you can see, things are going quickly. In 2020,  AI technology, video, voice search, and interactive content will be the popular so these top 7 digital marketing trends in 2020 most beneficial. Here is no time for a company or a business to stand still, as today’s younger generations and increasingly tech-savvy customers want brands to connect with them in new and innovative ways that make it simpler and more pleasant for customers to connect.

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